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Post Surgical Care Instructions

Pets, like people, are made up of systems of delicate tissues.  In order to minimize post-surgical complications, you will need to provide the proper conditions if we are to expect satisfactory healing of your pet.  Please read the following instructions for your pet?s recovery.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these instructions, please bring them up with the doctor or technician at the time your pet is discharged from the hospital.

Today and Tonight: 

-  Please protect your pet when leaving the hospital by using either a leash or a carrier.

- Until tomorrow, keep your pet quiet and confined in a warm environment, off of furniture and off of high places where your pet could potentially fall.

- Begin giving prescribed medications as directed.

Exercise and Activity: 

-   Your pet should be under strict confinement to a cage or small room for 5 days, longer if indicated.  Carry outside for elimination.  No running, jumping or access to stairs should be permitted.

-   Brief leash walks (on a short leash) only for 10-14 days.  Avoid stairs and jumping on and off of furniture.  Outdoor exercise must be limited to short periods on a short leash and only when necessary.

-   No bathing, grooming or swimming for 10-14 days.


-   After being in the hospital, your pet may be inclined to drink and eat excessively, which will likely result in vomiting.  To avoid this, do not offer food or water until 3 hours after arriving at home and then offer only 1/2 of the normal amount.  You may resume normal feeding tomorrow.  


-   Give the prescribed medications as indicated


o  We need to see your pet back for a recheck exam in 10-14 days to have a technician check your pets incision.  Sooner, if noted at discharge.  Please call ahead for an appointment.


A decrease in activity or appetite for one or two days may be observed and patients may not have a bowel movement for 24 to 36 hours after surgery.  This is normal.  However, if your pet exhibits any of the following symptoms, please notify the hospital: (1) loss of appetite for over two days, (2) refusal to drink water over one day, (3) weakness, (4) depression, (5) vomiting, or (6) diarrhea.


Such a wonderful caring group of people. Both doctors are great. They always take their time with you and your fur baby.

Lori S. / Radford, VA

Office Hours

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